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RS - 1200 is a Four Side Seal Sachet Filling and Sealing Machine for Powder products.



Machine Type RS-1200
Mechanical Speed Up to 70 cycles/min 
Lane Qty Up to 15 lanes
Packaging Type Four Side Seal Sachet
Sealing System Continuous Rolling Seal
Product Type Powder
Sachet Dimension

Width: 40 - 120mm

Length: 70 - 200mm

Film Reel Length

Up to 1200mm

(total sachet width up to 600mm)

Film Diameter

ø Core: 74mm

ø Outer: Up to 630mm

Electrical Power 380V, 3-Phase
Air Pressure 6 bar
Filling System Individually Servo-Driven Augers


Built to last with full stainless steel body frame to keep corrosion away and ensure machine's hygiene.


Built with all the safety standards in mind to keep operators out of harm's way.


Lubrication-free parts are used to eliminate or minimize maintenance needs.