About Us

Nasional Agung Jaya is a packaging machine manufacturer based in Indonesia. With decades of experience and know-how on designing and manufacturing packaging machines, our DEMAR Machines are trusted by multi-national companies to package and deliver their products safely into their customers' hands.

Who We Are

 Establised in 1984, Nasional Agung Jaya started as a general contractor company. In 1997, the company started manufacturing automatic packaging machine for multi-national companies. The company then branded the machine DEMAR and has since expanded and improved to continue maintaining excellence in satisfying our customers needs.


Nowadays, the company has installed hundreds of DEMAR machines on our customers' plants, both within Indonesia and its neighboring countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.


With our strong and experienced engineering background, we are able to fulfill our customers' needs and continue to innovate, producing high-quality packaging machines to increase our customers' production efficiency and output.